Gender Parity

The following memo has been issued to all heads of departments from the Secretary-General.

What do you think, is it the best way, is it in line with treating all staff equally.

Your thoughts would be interesting on how we can achieve parity, as it is the right thing to do, but is this the way?

SG Memo on the Implementation of ST AI 1999 9

Divyansh Ahuja

Author: Divyansh Ahuja

1 thought on “Gender Parity

  1. This is totally discriminatory, and certainly his instructions appear to put undue pressure on senior managers in the UN to carry out these draconian measures!
    Surely, all the bright minds in the UN could come up with more imaginative ways to promote Gender Parity and Gender balance!? Additionally, it should be pointed out that this whole campaign regarding gender is only focussing on the biological definitions of Man and Woman, people should be reminded that there many more gender definitions, perhaps the UN should be more inclusive than just looking at the biological definition of Gender.

    I think that one solution that can very easily be implemented at the recruitment phase is to completely remove any personal identifiers from recruitment forms etc. i.e. taking out names, gender, etc. so that the recruiters focus ONLY on the qualifications of the candidate.

    There are many more proactive solutions that can be thought of to promote gender balance. Discrimination against anyone does not resolve the perceived or real discrimination against another.
    It also is not compatible with the values that are enshrined in the UN Charter.


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